07 Aug 7 things you should shouldn’t bother adding to your “to-do” list (just do them right away)

Shia-Labeouf-Delivers-The-Most-Intense-Motivational-Speech-Of-All-time I'm a to-do list kind of person. I like to see things get done and cross them off (even if it's digitally). My wife is not. She wants to be organized but doesn't like to write it down or be held to specific due dates etc. Regardless of how you handle tasks, there are certain things that should just be done right away. We all know someone who puts off taking out the trash WAY too long. They instead play a trash heap version of Jenga until hopefully someone other than them finally relents and takes it to the dumpster. This happens to be number one on my list...although these are in no particular order of importance.
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