2 Invaluable Apps for Studying and Note taking: Brainscape and Notability

02 Mar 2 Invaluable Apps for Studying and Note taking: Brainscape and Notability

Last time around when I was in college I didn’t have an iPhone or iPad. Now I have both and it has made my studying so much easier. I wanted to write this blog about 2 apps that completely changed my college experience, in class and out.

1. Brainscape








For me, flash cards have always been my go-to studying tool. However, the storing and subsequent disposal of all those index cards was quite annoying. It’s not that cool to pull out a bunch of index cards when you’re in line at the store to get a little studying in. With Brainscape you can do just that. Basically it is a high tech flashcard app. You can make your own cards for each subject and after looking at each card it asks you to rate how well you knew it 1-5. It will automatically show you cards you don’t know as well more often. It will let you know once you’ve mastered the subject. It works great and you don’t use any paper!

2. Notability


This one saves even more paper by eliminating the need to print out all those PowerPoint slides. I use google drive and Dropbox and import the slides from those apps into notability. From there you can follow along the slides as your professor is lecturing. But having the slides in digital form isn’t the best part, once they are in notability you can fully annotate each slide including adding text boxes, pictures, and even sound.