10 Jun 20 Style Rules for Men

So, apparently people don’t want financial advice as much as they do fashion advice. At least that’s what my site stats tell me. My article about the essential mens clothing items is by far my most popular. That doesn’t mean I am going to make this a fashion blog , but I have been sitting on this information since I posted that blog a while back. Just to be clear this is not my own personal work on all of this. I compiled information from several sites and combined it into one, I will post a link to the articles I pulled from. I added my own commentary but many of the main bullet points are from these articles. I pulled what I felt were the most important/relevant/entertaining.

20 Style rules for men

1. Wear a tie when you’re asking for money. Ties run button to button.
You don’t want your employer or future employer to think this is the first time you have put on a suit. Know how to wear a tie, you don’t want to look like you’re from the government, even if you’re applying for a government job.


2. The rule of shoes: Black is basic. Basic is boring
Obviously if you are wearing black, wear black shoes. Otherwise brown is where it’s at, or cordovan. Brown shoes with a blue suit can’t be beat, just ask Ryan Gosling.


3. By the time you realize you need a haircut, everyone else has, too.
Figure out your frequency, for most men it is around 6 weeks. Make an appt every 6 weeks and be done with the charade.


4. When it comes to luggage, men don’t pull.
Don’t overspend on the check-in stuff, it will probably get lost or damaged at some point anyway. Buy one nice carry-on leather bag. Go ahead and keep it in the car with a nice change of clothes when youre not traveling.


5. Wire hangers should be used only for breaking into cars.
Not that I condone this type of behavior.


6. If a man is wearing a class ring, do not respect him. If a man is wearing a pinky ring, do not mess with him.
7. There is a difference between water-resistance and waterproof.
Don’t wait to find this out the hard way.


8. A watch should be worn securely around your wrist. It is not a bracelet.


9. Fitted is good. Snug is dangerous. Tight is just wrong. Unless you are Zach Galifianakis, then it’s hilarious.
images (1)


10.  A man can never own too many pairs of socks.


11.  Pull yourself together, always be presentable.
Whether you’re going to the deli or on a date, every occasion has minimum standards. Try to meet them. It’s more important to look good every day than to look different every day.


12.  If you are uncertain how much cologne is enough, you are not allowed to use cologne.
The same might be said for hair gel…


13.  No Speedos.  
Not even if there’s a fire!
Hopefully you got the reference, if not just enjoy this picture.

Hopefully you got the reference, if not just enjoy this picture.


14.  Have a go-to suit.


15.  Wear flip-flops only at home and the beach.
I might extend this to the pool as well.
16.  Don’t lace your wingtips like a sneaker.
Youtube it

17.  Never match blazers with dress pants.
You will look like your 5 year old picked out your clothes.

18.  Your pants are too short if you can see your socks as you walk.

19.  Toss the old stuff, If you haven’t worn it in 3 years, you don’t need it.
This can also force you to buy some new stuff, just make sure it’s the right stuff.

20.  Always match your belt with your shoes
Also match the type of belt to the outfit, for example don’t wear a dress belt with jeans.


Sources: http://mensfashion.about.com/od/wardrobebasics/a/6rules.htm


This will probably be my last fashion related blog for a while as it is not really my specialty. I wanted to share the information that I researched and learned for myself and I have done that. Now I will try to find other interesting topics I haven’t touched on yet. If anyone has any suggestions get at me on Twitter, I need to start using it more anyway. I leave you with this, courtesy of ESPN: