I have a finance degree from Wichita State University. I have worked as a financial advisor, freelance consultant, owner of a (small) remodeling company (aka a side job), post office employee, Appraiser, and other random things. With a few more classes I could apply to Medical School, PA school, Pharmacy School, and a whole host of other healthcare related fields. I am still unsure whether or not to pursue this but want to keep all of my options open.


Several years after I married my beautiful wife, we decided that since I was a finance major, maybe we should actually be doing smart things with money. We were listening to the Dave Ramsey show, and 3 hours a day of his podcast convinced us to change our ways. We decided to get out of debt, and no longer borrow money. It took us 26 months, but in July of 2010 we finally did it. $75,000 paid off or paid for in cash during that time. That included selling our new car and paying cash for all cars since, paying off school loans and cash flowing the last few semesters, and finally paying off a personal loan.


My daughter Claire was born less than a month after we became debt free, August 3rd, 2010. This blog is dedicated to her and all my future children. I want them to learn from my mistakes financially and never have to experience the pitfalls that most Americans do. With some blog entries I will end with a message to Claire, hopefully she will get something out of them when she’s older.