05 Aug Democrat or Republican?…What’s Option C?


What political affiliation is a Giraffe?

My baby girl Claire just turned 2! As I have watched her grow from a helpless baby to a very talkative and awesome little girl, I can’t help but think about the future. What state will our country be in when she is my age? If you listen to older people they basically blast our generation and think that things can only get worse when we are running things. I would have to counter that argument with a sports related comment; “scoreboard!”. Basically, ummm, you guys haven’t done so great yourselves. In fact, I am starting to doubt that this whole two party system works anymore. For a guy who does not like debt, our country is pretty much the best ever at accumulating it.

I am proud to say I have no party affiliation. I have no problem with those who do, but personally I see too many people blindly following their party and not thinking for themselves. I feel like if a certain party said they wanted to ban puppies, a certain percentage of that parties followers would agree without hesitation, and have no idea why. It’s much easier to just agree with whatever the party stance is, you don’t have to actually use your brain. Pro-Choice, ok that works. Offshore drilling, sure, why not, whatever you say great Party. I find it disturbing how many people go along with their parties views on major topics without really considering how they actually feel about it. I am not just assuming this, this actually happens. I know because when I used to engage people in political discussions I found a large majority had no real knowledge on certain subjects past the typical party line propaganda. I want to preface this by saying, I know not all people are this way, many people do not have a problem going against their party if it’s something they feel strongly about, and that’s how it should be.


Let’s just pretend for a second, that there were no parties, if you wanted to find out someone’s stance on something, you had to look it up. You couldn’t just go with the “Republican or Democrat view”, because there would be no Republicans or Democrats. The house and senate would not be divided by party lines. Although there would still be a 50/50 split on many issues, your “party” would have no say in anything. I know it sounds crazy and there are probably a million reasons why it would be a disaster. But listening to grown men and women argue over whose fault things are is just sad. Regardless of the issue, I can guarantee one thing, a Republican will say it’s the Democrats fault, and a Democrat will say it’s the Republicans fault. Way to get nothing accomplished. Do they realize in the grand scheme of things they are on the same side? You do work for the USA right?  I really believe that a politician would rather be right, and have the economy fail, than wrong and have it succeed. It gives them more satisfaction to blame it on the other side and say “I told you so”.


This blog may seem like a rant with no direction, and maybe it is. However, I do have a few points that I hope I can get across to people of either party (or no party). First, next time you are engaged in a political debate try and stop yourself from spouting party lines, and actually think for yourself. Do you really agree with what you are saying? Know that it is ok not to support everything your party says. You can even vote for someone of the opposite party if you feel like overall you think they would do a better job. Second, it’s ok to be Independent. In fact, I strongly recommend it. It really makes other people think too, because they can’t just bash your party since you do not have one. Everyone wants to join a club, but sometimes there’s not a club that fits you. Next time someone asks you if you are a Republican or Democrat, consider saying “What’s Option C?

Message to Claire:  You are 2 years old already! You talk so much its ridiculous. For some reason you talk more and louder when your mother and I are trying to talk, but that’s ok for now. You constantly tell us you want to “go play” downstairs in your playroom. Apparently that was a good decision. You have started saying “I love you” and “I miss you” and are a lot better at please and thank you. I can see why people keep having kids, they want to experience these ages again. Here are a few random life tips I have for you:

Have strong convictions. Stand up for what you believe in and what your values are. But don’t try to force them on people. Remember that it’s ok if people have different beliefs, thats part of what makes the USA great.