04 Nov Election Time- Vote based on your own thoughts!

I really dislike political talk so I will try and keep this blog short, and bi-partisan. Plus my last blog had a similar message but since it is so close to election time I am doing it again. I really don’t like either party very much, or the 2 party system for that matter, so this should be easy to do.

Happy Halloween!

Anyway, the thing I can’t stand is people on either side who blindly follow their party just because. I find it hard to believe that any person could be completely one sided on every issue. Plus, when you engage these people in conversation, their main argument is to simply bash the opposing party. Much like what happens in Washington. Nothing ends up getting accomplished and nobody is satisfied. By the way, bashing the opposing party doesn’t work when the person you are talking to is an independent. Then you end up looking foolish like the lady on national tv who kept calling Obama a communist but then couldn’t say why. Clearly she was just repeating what she had heard but had no idea what it even meant. People on both sides do it all the time and it’s just ridiculous. I don’t buy a cooking pan just because someone told me it was good, I still do the research. Why do people blindly assume the people they vote for actually have their best interests at heart? Some people claim to be one side or the other and can’t even tell you what sides their party is on in regards to certain issues. If you just vote straight party without doing any research at all you are doing yourself (and your country) a disservice. Just look at all the issues and who is on what side before voting. Also, look at what the ramifications of the candidates decisions will do to the country right now. Sometimes it depends on the current state of the country as to who is the best candidate, which may go against your typical agenda. This is shaping up to be a very important election, and we as a country are better served to have more educated voters. Do your part and get educated on the issues, then vote in November. Boom.


Message to Claire: Don’t go into politics.

On a serious note, this was the last blog I wrote before your baby brother (Gabriel) was born, and the last blog where you were the only child. You are too young to understand right now, but you are the reason we had another child. If you were not so amazing we probably would have stopped with you (why have multiple “hellions” as my mom would say). I will have to decide how to do this blog going forward, but either way these messages will hopefully benefit all of our children. When you are older we may have another baby, and you might be old enough to really get jealous, but you don’t need to. We wanted multiple children for the benefit of each child. We both grew up only children wishing we had siblings, and we did not want you to have that same wish. You will not receive all the attention but it will be worth it. Enjoy your brother and any other siblings you may have in the future.