03 Apr How to save money on groceries, and organize your pantry!

This may come off as a crazy idea, but imagine if instead of going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of food this week, you just eat the food you already have! My wife and I decided to see how long we could go only buying basics and supplements to whatever food we had at home already. We went through our pantry, fridge, and freezer, all the while keeping a list of everything we had.
We are also the types who make out a meal plan and typically only buy what we actually need for that week.  Therefore, we don’t usually have lots of extra food, so I imagine some of you may be set for the rest of the year after doing this. After throwing out old stuff, we realized we could make meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for about a week and a half. This included buying milk, bread, and eggs as needed. Because Im not a fan of eating pasta without meat, we also bought some chicken and sausage. If not for that we could have got out of Target spending about $25.

We took this time to organize the pantry as well, making it much easier to find things so we don’t forget they are there. Consider this a part of your spring cleaning! (By the way, here is a link to another blog that reminds everyone of some important spring cleaning tasks-Spring Cleaning.) I highly recommend this as it not only cuts your grocery bill down for a few weeks, but organizes your life a little bit. And if your not planning out your meals, I recommend that too. It will cut down your eating out costs considerably.

I am not sure how many people actively follow this blog, but for anyone who cares, I have a reason for not posting often. I would like to post much more, but I am studying for the GMAT to get into grad school in the fall. Sadly, this potentially means the next few years will be this way. However, I will continue to write blogs as often as I can. Hopefully people find it worth reading.


Message to Claire: You are growing up so fast, thats what everyone always tells you when you have kids and its true. I remember holding you right after you were born and now your speeding around in your walker running into the cabinets at top speed thinking it is so hilarious. In a few months you will be walking and talking and its going to be so crazy. Right now you laughing can make my day. I hope you always stay sweet and dont give in to temptations that most people do. Your mom is probably going to cry reading this but I want to make sure and write these things out because I may not remember them as well later. This way you can always know how your mom and dad felt about you. Also, to the future Claire, when you learn how to walk, dont run at top speed into the cabinets or shelf or wall, its not the same as when you are in your walker.


Just one month old!