13 Mar Random Advice and Things to Share

Quick blog today, hopefully can do a longer one soon. I just wanted to share a few things I have found recently. First is for anyone who buys music through Itunes. I love Apple products, however they do not have a monopoly on the digital music market, although it may seem that way. Amazon, where I buy just about everything, also has a digital music library. What’s the difference? Amazon is routinely 30 cents cheaper even on brand new songs than Itunes. It takes about 5 seconds to import the songs into Itunes after purchasing them on Amazon. Yes 30 cents isn’t much more, except when you multiply it by 100 songs it starts to add up. More importantly, why pay more for something when you don’t have to?

Secondly, I heard about this new product called Liquipel. It literally makes your Iphone (and several other types of phones) waterproof. This is amazing. I have personally lost 1 iphone due to water damage, and that is 1 too many. The price is a little steep ($60), although it depends how prone to water damage you are. Obviously nobody does it on purpose, but everyone has accidentally got in a hot tub forgetting your iphone is in your pocket (right?). Click on this link Liquipel and buy it if you think it’s worth it, and I might even get a referall bonus!
Third, and this is completely random. I have had to deal with hospitals, insurance, etc, the last few weeks as my dad was sick in the hospital. Here is a tip, (for those over medicare age) make sure if you are planning to go with a cheaper medicare replacement plan that it covers everything you want it to cover. Mainly skilled nursing, my fathers plan did not cover this completely and medicare would have. Just something to think about. In general pay attention if you are shopping for health insurance on the open market.
That’s it for now, hopefully a longer blog later this week.