21 Aug The Greatness of Audiobooks!

Its been a while…again. These 70-80 hour work weeks are not very condusive to frequent blog writing. I view this blog as more of a wealth of information for my daughter (and future children) now more than anything, but I hope it reaches a few more people and has been informative. I would like to take some time to talk about audiobooks. For me, these have been a lifesaver. I have time at both my jobs to listen to my iphone with my headphones on, and I have taken full advantage of it. I have listened to such books as Boundaries, Salary Tutor, Seal Team 6, the entire Hunger Games series, and currently I am listening to Atlas Shrugged. This is all in the past few months and I may have forgotten some. I could never sit down and read all of these books with my schedule. But listening to them in the car and while I work allows to me to multitask. I have purchased my books through audible.com, I signed up accounts for my wife and I when they had a 2 free audiobooks with each new account deal. I plan on catching up on all the titles that have been recommended to me but I have not had time to read. If you dont have time to read or even if you want to be able to multitask I highly recommend downloading some audiobooks either from audible or Itunes.